What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Interesting? 

When a guy calls you interesting, you might be left wondering: What could this mean? When a guy calls you “interesting,” it can be a bit of a mixed signal. On one hand, it could be a genuine compliment, showing that he finds you unique and different from other people and is really attracted to … Read more

What does it mean When a girl calls you love?

When a girl calls you love, it’s the highest compliment she can give. It means she trusts you with her heart and believes you’re worthy of her love. She really cares about you and wants things to work out between the two of you. It’s a sign that she’s serious about you and wants to … Read more

Boyfriend cancels plans to hang out with friends [Meaning]

You must be really looking forward to spending time with your boyfriend, but he canceled on you to hang out with his friends. You might be trying not to be upset, but it’s hard when you were really looking forward to seeing him. It is obvious that he needs to spend time with his friends … Read more

When a guy gives you a nickname [Meaning]

Giving someone a nickname is a way of showing that you see them in a certain way. It’s a way of indicating that you have a special bond with this person and that you view them in a positive light. It’s also a way of showing that you’re comfortable with this person and that you … Read more

Do guys care if you are fat? [Answered]

A lot of people seem to think that guys don’t care if a girl is fat, but that’s not always the case. While some guys might not care, others might find it a turn-off. It really depends on the guy. Some guys might like a little bit of extra weight on a girl, while others … Read more

What does it mean When a girl calls you hot ?

When we say someone is “hot,” we usually mean that they are physically attractive. But “hot” can also be used to describe someone who is fashionable, stylish, or popular. So, if you want to give someone a compliment, you can say they are “hot.” When a girl calls you hot, it means she’s attracted to … Read more

What does it mean When a girl asks for a picture of you?

When a girl asks for a picture of you, she is looking for validation. She is looking for reassurance that she is attractive and that you are attracted to her. This can be a tricky situation to navigate because you don’t want to give her the wrong message.  If you send her a picture, she … Read more

What does it mean When a girl asks if you are okay?

We’ve all been there before. You’re out with your friends and having a great time when suddenly, one of them asks if you’re okay. You weren’t expecting it, and you don’t really know how to respond. Do you tell them the truth, or do you lie and say you’re fine? It can be tough to … Read more

My boyfriend gets mad when I catch him lying [Meaning]

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of being in a relationship with a liar, you know just how frustrating it can be. You try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but eventually, you catch them in lie after lie. And if you’re anything like others, your first reaction is to get mad.  … Read more

My boyfriend says I complain too much [meaning]

If you are anything like others, you have been in a relationship where your boyfriend has told you that you complain too much. It’s an easy thing to do – to get wrapped up in our own thoughts and problems and start voicing them out loud without realizing it. But it’s important to remember that … Read more