My boyfriend sleeps all the time[ Meaning]

I feel like my boyfriend is always sleeping! It’s like he’s in a coma or something. I try to talk to him, and he just grunts and rolls over. I’ve even tried poking him with a stick, but he just snores louder. I’m starting to wonder if he’s actually dead. I mean, he doesn’t smell … Read more

My boyfriend gets angry when I cry. [Meaning + Solution]

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as watching your significant other get angry when you cry. It’s like they think you’re being manipulative or something when all you’re doing is expressing your emotions. If your boyfriend gets angry when you cry, here are a few things you can do to try and diffuse the situation. First, … Read more

My boyfriend called me fat [Meaning + Solution]

Your boyfriend called you fat. It’s not the first time he’s said it, but it still stings. You know you’re not overweight, but his words make you feel like you are. You’re not sure how to deal with this. Do you confront him about it? Do you try to lose weight? Or do you just … Read more

My boyfriend calls me names [Meaning & Solution]

Name-calling is a form of verbal abuse, and it’s not acceptable in a healthy relationship. If it honestly hurts your feelings and you don’t know why he does it. You may be thinking he was just joking around at first, but it’s happened more and more lately, and it’s really starting to bother you. You … Read more

My boyfriend acts like a child [Meaning]

We’ve all been there before. You’re in a relationship with a great guy, but sometimes he can act like a child. He doesn’t understand the importance of a good relationship or how important it is to you. He’s always late, or he forgets to call you on a certain day, or he just doesn’t pay … Read more

illustration of a girl and guy sitting in a park with text on the side reading "My boyfriend avoids my family"

My boyfriend avoids my family[meaning]

If you’re in a relationship, you know how important it is to get along with your partner’s family. But what do you do when your boyfriend avoids your family? There are a few potential reasons why your boyfriend may be avoiding your family. It could be that he’s not ready to meet them yet, or … Read more

illustration of a guy and a girl sitting on a car with text on the side reading "Holding hands while driving"

Holding hands while driving [Meaning]

We’ve all been there. He is driving down the road, singing along to the radio, and you suddenly realize that you are holding his hands in the passenger seat. It’s an awkward moment, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re holding hands with your romantic partner or your best friend, there’s something special about … Read more

illustration of a guy giving flowers to a girl with text on the side reading "Great personality but not attracted to him "

Great personality but not attracted to him

There’s nothing quite like being around someone with a great personality. They just exude positive energy and make everyone around them feel good.  Unfortunately, sometimes you can meet someone with an amazing personality, but they just don’t do it for you in a romantic way. You can still be friends with them and enjoy their … Read more

Illustration of a girl and a guy sitting with their phones with text on the side reading "My Girlfriend doesn't ask about my day"

My Girlfriend doesn’t ask about my day[Meaning]

If your girlfriend never asks about your day, it might be a sign that she isn’t interested in you or your life. If you’ve been dating for a while and she still doesn’t ask about your day, you might want to have a conversation with her about why she doesn’t seem interested. When your girlfriend … Read more