he opened my Snapchat but did not respond

he opened my Snapchat but did not respond

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He opened my Snapchat but did not respond. What does it mean?

When you like someone, their attention almost feels like validation.

Although this sounds toxic, it is true for many young girls and women out there. Hence, when your crush or your guy leaves you on seen, or read, it does break your heart a little.

Most girls are so used to getting attention from guys that they are not able to take it well when a guy ignores them. Being left on seen or not getting a response to their messages feels like a stone over the heart.

The first thing you do when he does not respond to your messages on Snapchat is that you start overanalyzing and overthinking every possible way as to why he did not reply.

The majority of the time, we start to think negatively. This negative thinking starts to make us doubt a lot of things about ourselves, and we might also go into a state of self-doubt.

Before jumping to conclusions, and ruining your mood over this situation, let us look at a few reasons why the guy opened your Snapchat but did not respond.

He opened my Snapchat but did not respond. What does it mean?

There can be a list of possible reasons due to which he must not have responded. They are as follows-

He is busy

A lot of times, guys tend to postpone their replies when they are busy. That is the most probable reason he did not respond when he opened your Snapchat.

Maybe he is busy at work or in the middle of something and was just checking his phone for a couple of minutes when he opened your Snapchat, but he just didn’t have time to respond.

Most guys avoid texting if they are busy. They feel like they can reply to you once they are in a better headspace. So, they tend to message you later when they are free and actually ready to talk.

Also, you should know that guys generally are not as good as women at time management and multitasking; hence, they focus all their energy on one thing at a time.

He did it by mistake.

He must have opened your Snapchat when he was out or in a hurry. Then he must have forgotten to reply back.

If it has only happened once or twice, then there is a good chance that he opened your snap by mistake ad didn’t even see it, which is why he didn’t reply.

It is very common to open Snapchat by mistake, and if someone opens your snap by mistake, they obviously won’t be able to reply to it, so you shouldn’t overthink it.

He is out with guys

When guys are out and about with their buddies, they become so indulgent in that group that they tend to forget other things.

Hence, he might have seen your message, but he must have forgotten to send a reply to you.

However, there are high chances that he will send you a message once he is alone. If he is genuinely interested in you, he will definitely make time for you once he is free.

He is shy

Admit it or not, guys do tend to get shy if a girl is bold and confident. They must have been with women or have seen women who are shy and hence, any girl making the first move or talking freely with them might make them a little shy.

So even if they like you they would draw back from messaging you just because they are shy and are not feeling confident enough.

He is not interested

And finally, It is also possible that he is just not interested in you. Maybe he saw your Snapchat but he doesn’t want to take things forward with you, so he didn’t reply.

He might figure out that you are intending to talk to him because you might like him. Yes, guys can figure it out too! And he would not know how to convey that he is not interested. Hence, he might ignore your Snapchat.

He might also be seeing someone else or would just be taking a break from all the relationship fiasco. Thus, he would ignore your message for the betterment of both of you.

Why do guys leave you on read on Snapchat?

Guys can have a few reasons to make you want to leave you on read. Let us see a few:

He is interested in you

This might sound counterintuitive, but it is actually possible.

They might want to make you wait longer, so that your interest in them increases. And the fact that him not replying is making you occupied with his thoughts. He is getting what he wants.

He will eventually come around. It is just that he wants to test you a little bit. Just hang in there.

another possibility is that he is interested in you and is afraid of messing things up, so he straight up avoids replying to your snapchats

He is unsure of his feelings.

As you are talking with him, he will notice that you potentially like him. However, if he does not have the same approach or feelings towards you, it will be a problem later. Hence, he first wants to be clear about his feelings before talking to you.

He forgot

It can be as basic as forgetting. Forgetting is a basic human error. Hence, it is entirely possible that he just forgot to reply to your text or snap.

Thus, this would not be an intentional happening. Maybe, he is really interested in you but just didn’t remember to reply to your Snapchat.

He is not interested.

He might be seeing someone or would just not be interested in talking to you right now.

There could be many reasons why he is not interested in you. Maybe he is in a relationship, or he just got out of one recently.

But one thing is clear; If he is not responding to your snap or texts, there is a high chance that he is not interested.

What to do when a guy opens your Snapchat but doesn’t respond?

If a guy opens your Snapchat but doesn’t respond, there could be a lot of reasons behind it, and you shouldn’t really overthink it.

If it bothers you a lot, then maybe you should just talk to him about it or start a text conversation to see if there is anything wrong between you two.

Here are some things you should do if you are in this situation.

The first rule here is to change your thinking

by changing it to a positive and a better one! You might instantly start to think of wrong and bad reasons for him not replying to you, which might not even be true many times.

Hence, trying to forgive him and moving on or just giving this a little time would be the best way to handle it.

Since girls start feeling insecure about the way they talk or their looks, I would urge you all to try thinking positively, trust me, it will make you feel more at ease and at peace.

Also, no matter how much we overthink, we will never possibly understand the real reason behind it by thinking alone, so there is no point in wasting your energy doing it.

And whatever the reason maybe you shouldn’t let it affect your self-esteem.

Text him/ send a snap

This can sound risky and very courageous after the fact that he ignored you. But it will make him come into your radar again.

You guys can actually talk it out why he does not want to reply faster or reply at all. Communication can solve all problems. We just need to know how to use this skill skillfully.

Also, doing this will give you closure about his feelings for you which will give you a lot of clarity.

However, if he again does not reply to your texts, then just understand that universe has better plans for you, and you will be happy with it.

The Bottom Line:

If a guy owned your Snapchat but did not respond, it could mean many different things. Maybe he is busy, or he forgot to reply, or perhaps he is just not interested in you.

Whatever the reason is for him not responding, you shouldn’t let it affect your self-confidence.

If it bothers you a lot, just ask him about it and get it over with.

Texting guys can be tricky, but do not let your overthinking mind get full control over you on such matters! There will always be a number of possible reasons for every consequence and we can always figure it out.


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