How Long Do High School Relationships Last?

How Long Do High School Relationships Last?

by Daniel Conn
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All of us have been crazy behind those cute high school rom-com at some point, like High School Musical, Sixteen Candles, Ten Things I hate About You, and many more.

These movies surely made us believe in the idea of perfect high school romance. It got us believing that High School relationships are all cute and blissful. but, it comes with its drawbacks as well.

Even though they give you that adrenaline rush at a young age, it becomes pretty challenging to make them long-lasting. According to ratios and surveys, only a few such couples have been able to sustain their high school relationship for long, and even fewer end up in marriages! 

That is where the question arises how long do high school relationships actually last? and that is what we are going to answer in this article

so let’s get started

How long do most high school relationships last?

Most high school relationships last anywhere between a month to a year. People during that age aren’t sure what they are looking for, which is why it is so common for them to get in a relationship with the wrong person, resulting in a breakup soon afterward.

There is obviously some exception to this. Some relationships only last for a few weeks, while others can last a lifetime.

Typically, a high school relationship at the age of about 15 or 16 usually goes on for a period of 6 months to 12 months. If the relationship begins around 17 or 18, it lasts about 1 to 3 years.

These time periods are the average time periods that a couple lasts during high school. However, it all depends on the people in the relationship, how serious they are about one another, how far they want to make it work out, and whether they are actually serious about each other.

If they are serious about one another, then they fight all odds to make it last for a long time and perhaps even get married.

However, most people aren’t very serious about their relationships at that age, which is why most high school couples usually break just before or a few months after college starts. 

How long do teenage relationships usually last?

Teenage relationships are probably the most fragile kind of relationship.

Since these are the first relationships for most people, they are both extremely passionate as well as casual.

The duality here is interesting, they are passionate because this is their first relationship, so they are exuberant about their partner, they want to spend time together, do cute stuff, and post on social media about their love. But, at the same time, they are also under the thrill of being in a relationship and hence tend to not think of the future that much.

Also, since they are so young, partners usually tend to look over a lot of issues such as communication gaps, trust issues, jealousy, confrontations, and many more which eventually results in an early breakup.

Hence, teenage relationships can usually be much shorter than high school relationships. The teenage relationship is assumed to last for about 5 to 7 months. However, there are a few exceptions, where teenage relationships can even last for years or even a lifetime! Although we might not see many of them, they are still in existence. 

Why do high school relationships fail

High school relationships are formed at an age when people are not sure what they want in their life. It is an age where people want to explore different things and focus on careers which causes them to neglect their partners and ultimately leads to breakups.

they tend to fail in the long run due to the reasons listed out below-

Future Plans

you and your partner might have gone to the same school or a nearby school which is why you were able to meet and stay in contact but once high school ends you will most likely be going on very different paths.

The chances of you two going to the same college, choosing the same field of study, or even being in the same city after high school is quite low.

You will be two people with completely different goals and living in different cities.

Due to such a huge physical distance between you two, it becomes difficult to keep up with the person especially if you both are pursuing different goals.

For example, if you are studying medicine and your partner is in an acting school, then it is quite obvious that your schedules will be totally different. Managing to talk to each other, let alone meet will be tiresome.

Hence, there is a high chance that it would lead to a breakup.


If your partner is the head cheerleader of the face of prom every year or the captain of the basketball team. So obviously, they will receive a lot of attention from their schoolmates, more from the opposite gender.

This can easily make the other partner feel jealous and insecure about themselves since they are not mature enough at that age.

Dating a known personality in school has its perks as it puts you on the map as well, but it comes with heavy baggage too.

Hence, in these situations due to insecurity, the relationship would end in a breakup. 

Trust Issues

As we have heard a million times, the foundation of any relationship is trust.

Hence if the relationship lacks trust it will come down crashing sooner or later.

These days guys tend to doubt their partner if she talks about how another guy from her class helped her in her project, or girls tend to get upset if another girl puts up too many comments on her boyfriend’s picture.

Things like these can get dragged on for a long, and misunderstanding rises among the couple, which leads to the end of the relationship.

Personal Space

Having a relationship in high school sounds fun and cool as you get to go out with your partner, do cute stuff, talk about things that you feel very comfortable about, and get to be your true self in front of them.

However, while doing all these things, you mentally get obsessed with the person and do not like any kind of distance from them.

Personal space is important to every individual and most people don’t realize it early on in a relationship, especially at a young age.

And it’s quite common for high school couples to get frustrated with their partner interfering in their personal space.

Some examples of personal space could be, wanting to talk to your partner all the time, knowing their locations, wanting to spend every other day with them, asking your boyfriend to not go to his matches to spend more time, or asking your girlfriend to not go out to her family dinner so that you could be with her.

All this can become taxing eventually leaving the two of you emotionally distanced. 

Different Approach

It could happen that after you get into a relationship, you might want it to be a long-term one, but your partner just wants something casual and wants the time to decide where it goes.

Maybe you two were on the same page when you started dating but as the time passed your approach toward dating changed.

Hence, one of the partners tends to get more attached than the other which eventually builds a distance, which then leads to a breakup. 

How can you make a high school relationship last long?

If you are in a high school relationship currently and want to make your relationship last longer then we have some tips to help you with that.

Let us look at a few things that can make the high school relationship long-lasting!

Efforts do matter

Having a long relationship is not easy it takes effort and that is why they are so rare to see. If you want your high school relationship to continue for years then you’ve got to put in some effort.

When you know that your partner is caught up with their college project, and you have some spare time, then instead of complaining about how they are not spending time with you, you can make some special effort towards them to make them feel better.

This will work wonders! As we know we need to invest in anything for it to grow, similarly, you need to invest in your relationship for it to grow.

Time management

It is pretty much a given that once you end high school, your schedules will be different.

Hence, taking out time to talk to one another, meeting as and when possible, and keeping in touch with one another will save the relationship from sinking.

Communication is the key

The key to any healthy relationship is communication, and it becomes a lot more important when we talk about a high school relationship.

Make sure you communicate what you are feeling with honesty, and make the other person feel heard as well. This will let go of a lot of misunderstandings, confusion, and fights.

The Bottom Line:

High school relationships usually last 6 months to a couple of years and most couples end up breaking up before graduation.

When one loves a person and wants to spend their life with them, one will go beyond limits to make it work.

Once you have found the ‘one’ then making anything work would be difficult but worth it. Just have faith in each other and be there for each other. Everything happens for a reason and everything always ends well for us in life. 

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