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I didn’t get my girlfriend a birthday present

by Daniel Conn
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So you forgot your girlfriend’s birthday, and now you are wondering what I should do if I didn’t get my girlfriend a birthday present.

Well, there are no two ways about it, you have messed up big time, and you will have to face the consequences and will have to do something to make it up to her.

This can be really embarrassing, and it is just sad all around. But there are a few ways to fix this.

If you did not get your girlfriend a birthday present, you would have to make up for it at once. But how can you do that without looking like an idiot?

In this article, we will discuss in detail what you should do if you forget to get your girlfriend a birthday present.

So let’s get started.

I didn’t get my girlfriend a birthday present, what should I do?

When you are in love with a girl, you want to do everything possible to please her. You want to make her happy and feel loved. However, when it’s your girlfriend’s birthday, and you forget to give her a birthday present, it can lead to many problems.

First and foremost, you should accept that you have messed up, it’s not okay to forget your partner’s birthday, and you cant justify it.

If your excuse is that I was busy or didn’t get time, then it’s better to keep them to yourself as they would only make things worse.

It’s only justified if you have some genuine reasons, maybe some family issues or something serious that took your mind off of it.

If you dont have a good excuse get ready to face her anger and be ready to put in some work to make her feel better.

You will have to make up for it by doing things for her that make her feel appreciated.

Just getting a gift now won’t fix it. I suggest that you get her a good, thoughtful gift and, along with that, make an effort throughout the day to show her that you feel sorry and that you actually care about her.

Maker her breakfast or give her some flowers or do anything that makes her feel that you do care about her.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, try looking at some of these ideas:

Buy her a pet

Buy her something related to what she likes. For example, if she loves animals and has always wanted a pet, then you could buy her an animal-related present (animal toys or accessories). 

This will make it seem like you’re doing something special for her even though it’s not on her birthday date.

A pet can lighten up the situation and can bring a new sense of joy to your life.

But you should only do it if she like pets and only give her pets that she would like to keep; it could be anything from a dog to a fish or turtle or anything that she likes.

If she dont like pets or is not interested in having one, then you should definitely avoid this gift as it will only make things worse.

Taking care of small things may make her happy.

You should try showing your girlfriend that you love her by showing her other ways of showing how much she means to you.

For example, if she has been talking about how much she hates cooking, then cook dinner for her on your next date.

Give her gifts, it doesn’t have to be something expensive like jewelry, but it could be something simple like a movie or flowers or dinner at a nice restaurant.

The reason she is angry at you for not getting a present is that she thinks you dont care about her. Doing these things will make her see that you care about her, which will make her feel better.

Talk to her 

You need to do is accept that you have made a mistake and there is no way to justify it.

Tell her that you have made a mistake, but you care about her, and you will do anything to make it up to her and not just say but prove it with your actions.

Also, you should be genuine with your apology; if you try to fake it, your relationship will not last for long.

Ask yourself what she was expecting as a gift from you in the first place. Maybe she wanted an expensive present, maybe she wanted something sentimental, or maybe she just wanted some attention on her birthday.

And try to bring her some nice gift as a token of apology.

Take her out

You can take her out to a nice place or a place that has some sentimental value to you.

Maybe take her to the restaurant where you went for your first date or where you guys met for the first time.

Doing this will help improve her mood a little, and along with that, you can bring some gifts to surprise her.

Gift her something that means something to her. Maybe her favorite band’s concert tickets, a bag she wanted for months, or anything that would make her happy.

What reaction can I expect from my girlfriend?

She will obviously be disappointed with it. She must have thought that you would do something special for her.

This can make her feel like there is something wrong with your relationship or maybe she would think that you dont care about her and dont like her anymore.

It is natural for her to feel disappointed. She feels that she made a mistake in choosing you as her boyfriend. However, the most important thing is to understand that she loves you and would be happy to receive your present on any day of the year.

She dont wants a gift from you, but she wants to feel appreciated and loved; she wants to know that you care about her.

If you are in this situation, here are some reactions that your girlfriend could give:

She may ask what happened and why didn’t you get her anything

She just wants to know what happened and why didn’t I get her something on her birthday. It’s a normal question, and if you are in a relationship with her, she has every right to ask you about your relationship.

So, if you really want to make her happy, then just tell her that everything is fine between the two of you and you do care about her.

Also, reassure her that you will get something special for her on your next birthday and do something to make it up to her.

She may ask why we need gifts when all we have is each other.

When it comes to love and relationships, there are always two sides of the coin: some people do not like gifts while others do not mind them.

She will understand if you have some genuine reason for not getting her a gift.

You can use this situation as an opportunity to tell her that you love her and will always be there for her. Tell her how much she means to you and what a great person she is.

She might say that she does not know how much time we have left together or how long our relationship will last.

Of course, she is upset with you and will say things that may hurt both of you. Tell her you will get her something better and will make it up to her. And dont just say do things to make her happy and feel loved.

Is it necessary to gift your girlfriend every birthday?

It is not necessary to give gifts to your girlfriend on every birthday. It is important to remember that the relationship between you and your girlfriend should be based on trust and respect for each other.

It’s about making her feel special and doing things that make her feel loved.

If she like presents and that makes her happy, then do it, but if she is not a big fan of gifts, then it’s not necessary.

You should do things that make the other person feel important and loved, and if it means giving her gifts on special occasions like birthdays, then you should do it for her.

But if you two have an understanding and know that you both dont like presents, then it’s fine to not give her a gift on her birthday.

The Bottom Line:

I’m sure you have heard the term “the gift is in the giving,” but I don’t think it applies to relationships as well as it does to other areas of life.

The best gifts are those that you can’t buy with money, and the best relationships are those that are built on trust, loyalty, and love.

You should not take your girlfriend for granted and do things to make her feel special and show that you care about her. If you forgot her birthday present, then you must do things to make it up to her.

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