Should you add your crush on Snapchat?

Should you add your crush on Snapchat?

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So, should you add your crush on Snapchat? If you are also struggling with this question, then keep on reading. We will answer this question for you in this article.

There were times when guys would ask a girl out that they liked by just going up to her in the college library, cafeteria, or even in the college/school hallways. Since the technology was only available in the form of a telephone, asking your crush or confessing your feelings to them could only take place physically or through a letter.

However fun and exciting this might sound now, back then, this would create a tornado in the person’s heart who wants to approach and talk to their crush.

Hence, today’s generation should be thankful for the inventions made by brilliant tech geniuses inventing various social media apps in the last two decades that have made connecting with people that we want much more accessible.

No one-on-one talk is needed, no stressing over clothes before talking to your crush, and many more hassles are directly eliminated.

But the rise of tech and social media has created new problems that the older generation has never dealt with.

Hence, the question of- should you add your crush on Snapchat comes into focus now, and that is what we will be discussing in this article.

Should you add your crush on Snapchat?

Yes, you should add your crush on Snapchat if you want to take things forward with them. If you have previously interacted in person or have some mutual friends, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t add them on Snapchat.

Having a crush on someone today has become palpable due to the varied number of people we see online daily.

However, if you really like someone and want things to go ahead with them or want them to notice you, then adding them on Snapchat is not a bad idea after all.

Snapchat is a medium for people to connect, like any other social media app, right? So why not add them.

Especially if you are in your teens or twenties, Snapchat might just be the right app for you.

Snapchat was developed for teens and young adults in the first place as all its different features are targeted toward the young demographics.

Snapchat has many features that make it so popular among the young crowd. for example, streaks feature where you send a snap to someone daily and maintain a streak of the number of days that you have sent snap to one another or even vanishing conversations that are casual to teens

If your crush is on your contact list, that makes things a lot easier for you. The app will notify them that someone from their quick add list has added them, and there are high chances that they will accept your request.

Even if your crush is not from your contact list, you might have a few mutual contacts with them, making them feel that the person who has added them is in their social circle.

However, while adding your crush on Snapchat, keep in mind not to put a lot of expectations on this single move. Just adding someone on Snapchat won’t magically make them fall in love with you, it would just make it easier for you to approach them, and that is how you should be thinking about it.

And finally, Be open to rejection, as it is being realistic. It is possible that your crush just ignores your request, especially if you have never interacted in real life before and if you don’t have any mutual friends, and you should be ready for that outcome.

If you have never interacted with them before and you don’t even have any mutual contacts on Snapchat, then maybe you should try talking to them in real life first or at least get in touch with their friends as this would increase your chance of them accepting your request and it will also make things easier for you moving forward.

So, if you guys know each other or you can be common friends, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t add your crush on Snapchat, but if you have never interacted before and don’t have any common connections on Snapchat, then it’s better that you try talking to them or their friends first and then add them on Snapchat.

And finally, once you have added them on Snapchat, then what? What should be doing now.

What should you do after adding your crush on Snapchat?

So, there are a bunch of things that you can do. You can choose which one you are most comfortable with and then go ahead with that one.

Here’s a list of things that you can do:

Send them a snap

Sending a snap is the easiest and most natural thing to do on Snapchat. Sending a snap of anything like your food for today, or you in your classes, or of your friends, etc. Just send them a snap that you would send to your friends and get things started.

You can also get to know about your crush’s interest a little and then send them a snap of something that they like and enjoy. For example, if they like marvel movies, you can send a snap of you watching a marvel movie, or if they like Starbucks, you can send a snap of you having a Starbucks drink, which would increase the chance of them replying to you.

 Try sending such a snap that would bond you both over something. This can lead to the start of conversations or even the beginning of streaks through which you can get to know each other’s lives daily.

 Send them a message

You might just want to go ahead and send them a message. This might look risky, but you can always hold on hope and wish for the best. Also, sending a message too direct might feel them taken aback. You can start by chatting as friends, learn about your crush, their life, personality, routines, interests, or even if they are seeing someone that you might not know of.

Since you are taking the first step, always be open to possibilities. Once you get to know your crush better, you can confess your feelings for them in the most genuine manner possible and hope for the best!

Send them content that they like- Other than clicking pictures and maintaining streaks and chats, Snapchat is also a platform that puts out content regularly. Many celebrities, news channels, and influencers are active on Snapchat. You can find out whom your crush follows or likes to engage with. Then, you can send your crush a story of that particular interest to start conversations. 

Reply to your crush’s story.

Since your crush has accepted your request on Snapchat, you can view all of the stories they put out on their profile. So, you can just go ahead and reply with something quirky or funny that would interest them. This could be the beginning of your conversations as well. You can get to know your crush and confess your feelings too.  

Once you have added your crush on Snapchat, your objective should be to start a conversation with them. Get to know them better and try to go out with them eventually.

For starting a conversation, you can use any of the methods mentioned above, just keep things slow and casual at the start and avoid looking desperate.

The bottom line:

Having a crush on someone can feel like an adventure. You allow your heart to feel things about that particular person, which makes you go crazy. Hence, if you add your crush on Snapchat and intend to connect with them, it is a brave move to do so, and we are proud of you.

As we mentioned, always think about the best possibilities but be ready for things not to work out. We have stated a few ways by which you can approach your crush by directly messaging them, replying to their stories, and many other ways given above. We will always have all the best wishes for you.

So just add your crush on Snapchat, make a move and live life free and bold. Cheers!

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