when A Guy Blocks You And Unblocks You

When A Guy Blocks You And Unblocks You

by Daniel Conn
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If we look at Gen z kids and millennials, we see a pattern where their emotions have become layered because of technology. Since social life has become the social media, it can easily mess up with emotions.

With features like blocking on social media, removing someone from our daily contacts has become pretty easy. Today almost all social media apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Instagram, to name a few, have the blocking feature.

With relationships being built and broken on social media, a teenager can have lasting effects of the same. Today we are here to discuss what it means when a guy blocks you and then unblocks you?

What does it mean when a guy blocks you and unblocks you?

When a guy blocks and unlocks you, it could mean a lot of different things, but In most cases, it shows that the guy is either immature and does things like to get attention or isn’t sure of his feelings and doesn’t know what he wants.

This question can have a list of permutations and combinations to answer, so let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons why a guy blocks you and then unblocks you.

He might be an attention-seeker. 

Some guys who are insecure about themselves always crave attention, and when they don’t get attention from you, they might pull up a stunt like this to get noticed.

Maybe on some days, he gets upset over the silliest issues and blocks you just so you can call or text him.

He likes to be the center of attention, and when he doesn’t get any attention from your side, he does things like this to get a response from you.

He doesn’t want you to know about his life.

Maybe he wants to keep his life private from you for various reasons only known to him.

This might happen as he does not want you to know everything about his life, like who he is dating or partying with, and hence would end up blocking you but later feels like it is okay if this girl/person knows about me.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he has a problem with you or he doesn’t like you, but it’s just that he thought he didn’t want you to know about his personal life but later realized it was a stupid decision.

He is just unsure of his feelings for you.

This can happen a lot in one-sided relationships where the guy likes/loves you but thinks he has no chance with you now or ever.

Here the guy might get jealous of your boyfriend or your guy best friend after seeing your pictures and videos together on social media and hence would block you to make him feel less sad.

Later, he might miss seeing you and end up unblocking you.

Many young guys are usually confused about their feelings; sometimes, they feel like they are in love with you, and sometimes they might think they want to keep in touch with you.

This kind of behavior is immature, and you shouldn’t be too bothered about it.

Maybe he wants to get back together? 

Maybe you were in a relationship with him. It could be a friendship or a romantic relationship.

After things ended, he blocked you, which is quite common, but it has been sufficient time since then, and he feels like reconnecting with you.

It could be because he still has feelings for you, or perhaps he has moved on and just want to clear things with you.

He needs to satisfy his curiosity. 

He might have blocked you so that he couldn’t know anything about you and vice versa.

Maybe he is your senior in college and might not want you to know much about him as he is a private person. However, later he felt that he would like to know what is going on in your life. so he unblocked you

What should you do when a guy blocks you and unblocks you?

  • If you have known this guy for a long time, you can take it on calmly. You can message him regarding his blocking and unblocking acts in a non-challan way. He might have certain reasons for blocking, which you will only know after talking to him.
  • Ignorance is the key. If this is someone from your social circle whom you have interacted with a few times, not many, then you can just ignore the acts of this guy. He might want your attention at the end of the day. Hence, ignoring him will give you peace of mind and refrain you from over analysing his actions. Remember, if a guy really wants to talk to you about something, he will message upfront. 
  • Discuss with a mutual friend. If you do have any mutual friends with this guy, then message them. Ask them if they know why this guy blocks and unblocks you often. They might have some insight on this which can bring you insight. 
  • Straightaway block him. If you feel uncomfortable with his constant blocking and unblocking habit, then you might as well just go ahead and remove him permanently. This would not allow him to unblock you again, and you would also feel not distracted by his actions. 
  • If this is a boyfriend with whom you broke up a while back, then talk it out with him. Since you have known each other pretty well, there are high chances that you guys would come to a conclusion. 

The Bottom Line:

To conclude, girls always like guys who are strong-willed and mature. If a guy is blocking and unblocking you, then it means that he is immature and childish in his handling of feelings. Hence, you must always let him take the first step to talk after unblocking you rather than overthinking his actions.

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